What is Black Lily, Survivors of the fall? 




This is a webpage dedicated to the layout and details of the Dungeons & Dragons campaign that is one going by the member of the Black Lily party. We’re a rag tag group of adventurers looking to save the world while furthering our own goals. Why save the world? We kinda live in it. 

This group is very heavy is music, most music means something or adds to the mood of campaign. 


Last time we fell…

Short summaries of the past 4 campaigns. Any old information will be put into the blog portion of the page.

Last fall we fell we were trapped in the depths of Mao’s mind with the goal of awakening her from her coma. After traveling the town of her past we were slowly introduced to more horrors that dwell in the mind of Mao. And the reasons as to why the town she grew up in came to despise and mistrust all magic users and demon types. Each life of an innocent taken due to Mao’s mad revenge streak weighs heavily on her mind. The guilt is crushing her in ways the trauma that caused her to snap can not reach. We ended on a battle against a beast in the heart of Mao’s mind.

we had to find a way to go to another dimension to save Ember and co, with only an hour of wiggle time to track down our co campaigners. 

2/19 We went to the back room of Ahasuerus’s shop where we were ambushed by ninjas. Turns out the ninjas where minions to a mysterious princess snatcher who wanted to kidnap one of the members of the current party. The assailant left our hero’s with a surplus of ninjas to fight and only half health to do it with.

2/12 we were sent on a mission to find Ahasuerus’s Wandering Wares shop in the shopping district. After enlisting some fairy help we were successful in finding it. Members of the party were able to purchase oddities to help them in future campaigns. Ahasuerus enjoyed the visit of his friends and we learned that Angels and Demons were not allowed to be in the fairy kingdom, in fact they were to be killed on sight. Luckily they were able to prevent that from happening to the traveling merchant. 

The League

The League is a military base operation. On the surface they are soliders trying to protect their way of life. The higher up the food chain you find the true sinister plot to destroy the world and create new world order. 

League Highlights

The Caravan Family – Made up of good people just trying to do what they think is right 

The Yevgeni Family – Same status as the Caravan family, the parents mysteriously died in a house fire, Yukine Yevgeni is a infantry unit solider working his way to his parents status. The youngest of the family is still missing. 

Midnight Club

A club formed as a truce between Angels and Demons and all those inbetween to work together and live in peace. Members in the higher ranks have formed alliances with The League to create the new world order, others in this group who have found out are building a resistance. 

Midnight Club Houses

House of the Rising Sun – ran by Bear, a house of misfit assigns. If this family like unit had you on their hit list, you would not be leaving a live. 

House of Roxanne – A bardic house whose primary function was entertainment for the fellow Midnight Club members. From arts to nightly activities, the members specialized in Dance, singing, arts, and the most important skill of intel collection and selling. 


The Rebellion

Once there was a war between the League and people who choose freedom. These are who remain of the freedom fighters. This group is growing its forces once more as the world politics begin to sour once more. 

Rebellion Members

Xanthos Rebellion Division – Tojin’s group before joining the party 

Tone Tracks from Campaign 

Last campaign songs, all music is taken from YouTube and belongs to no member of the party. It is used for enhancement and imergian purposes only. All pervious music links are in Past Themes page under the Music and Video tab at the top.