Ember in ball dress

Ember Ashvale

Age : 27

Race : Dwarf

Religion: Church of Hephaestus

Family: Violet & Uelaylo (Mother & Father, deceased) Sylva (Sister) Brunze (Son of Sylva) Ville (Adoptive Sister)


Bonds with other Party Members –

Ember – motherly role

Honone – Weary, seductive child causes too much trouble 

Linvala – Hard to work with, proud to see their growth

Vanastrea – mystery, unknown child

Keshak – way too impulsive, not trust worthy, hiding something

Tojin – edgy boy why? Edgy companion, why so impulsive?? 

Charlie – guardian blessing for the party, admires his tenacity to save them even though he could leave at any time. 


Character Quote “*One Single Face-palm*”

Born during the height of the war, her parents named her Ember as their last ember in a burning world. After a few years she was sent to the forge as all hands were needed to forge weapons and take care of the fallen.

This is where she found her parents in their last battle in the mountain. Just coming into her cleric abilities, tears down her face, is how her parents last memory of her went.

Screaming out trying to stop the blood, her parents whispered in an attempt to ease her pain – “please, Love, it’s ok. Welcome us with a smile” she smiled for their last breath.

After this she learned celestial and dedicated her life to the forge. She helped make weapons for the war as best she could until the its end. She still fears those she cares about slipping though her fingers once again and wants to fight along side her companions.

She met a few friends at the temple but her favorite was Hiant the forge master and her daughters, Sylva and Ville. A second family


Ember’s Arch theme

Into the Arena – Masterplan