Age : 36

Race : Cobald

Affiliation : Jewel Smithing

Family: Mt. Cobalt Tribe, Xerxes (best pal)

Relations: Murk (old shenanigans buddy)

Bonds with other Party Members –

Keshak – Meh, I wanna drink

Tojin – Sneaky boi, kinda dumb sometimes

Honone – She big, kinda stick in the mud but cool 

Linvala – She cool, drinking buddy

Vanastrea – Shot her in the leg, unsure of her thoughts, will shoot again to get conclusive results

Charlie – He gave me drinks

Luna – Whats to ride her

Ember – Small folk, can be trusted


Character Quote “We having drinks? I’ll take 20!”

Keshak was born to the tribe of Kobold’s living around and within Mt. Cobalt. He, like many other people in the tribe, were trained miners and jewel smiths, delving ever deeper into the mountainous caverns in search of jewels and metals to refine. Keshak was a rowdy one though, preferring to spend his time independently exploring alongside Murk in the various tunnels and rocky crevices of the mountain.

One day while exploring, he encountered upon a pack of deinonychus, one of which was much more friendly than the rest. Seeing his opportunity, Keshak wrangled the little scamp and rode off with him, to the extreme bewilderment of all. Thus started his relationship with his long time pal, Xerxes. Not long after though, the Kobold’s dug too deep, treading upon the domain of what should never have been touched. Chaos ensued.


Keshaks’s Arch theme

Ghost of the Mountain – Justin Johnson