Honone for Halloween

Honone Yevgeni

Age : 24

School : School of Rock

Family: Yato Yevgeni (Father, deceased) , Bishamon Yevgeni (Mother, deceased), Yukine Yevgeni (brother)

Relations: Hiiron (former maid of Yevgeni house) Val (former client)

Bonds with other Party Members –

Honone – Just trying to enjoy life and protect the beautiful Earth

Aster – Loyal fairy companion 

Linvala –  Fun flirty friend! 

Vanastrea – Very cute, appreciates their finality 

Ember – hard worker, needs to relax 

Keshak – Funny guy- HOW DARE HE DRINK IN MY BODY?!

Tojin – too serious 

Charlie – out to kill me. That’s fact.


Character Quote “Hey, you free later for some flute practice?”

Bio – Honone was born to the Yevgeni family, a wealthy army family until her parents were killed in a fire. Her brother was away training to going to army durning the fire, Honone herself barely made it out alive. 

Honone joined the Midnight Club in hopes of gaining information on her brother’s wearabouts. She ran away from the House of Roxanne after learning of Flint’s plans. She later ran into the party where she’s been traveling with them since.

Honone’s Arch theme

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes