tojin rain


Age : 115

Race : High Elf

Affiliation : Scout for The Rebellion

Family: Elma (Mother)

Relations: Childhood friends

Bonds with other Party Members –

Tojin – edgy boi, wants more self reflection

Honone – Horny dragonborn, sleeps around, useful oddball knowledge  

Linvala – hazards mouth, still learning, PLEASE STOP TRYING TO KILL US!

Vanastrea – She seems alright, odd meeting

Keshak – random short shanking creature, really good at teamwork

Ember – Strong willed, thinks things through 50% of the time, not allowed fire


Character Quote “Welp, that just happened”

Elma was a Elf Cleric that wandered the lands. Traveling mostly in the slums assisting, those who could not afford medicine or were already on the brink of death.

She would only travel at night so she wouldn’t arouse suspicions. With her was a small elven boy by the name of Tojin who would run off with the children while she worked. Elma would constantly scold the boy for running off, reminding him not to stray so far. This effort was in vain, as soon as Elma turned her back the boy would run off again.

One night after Elma was done with her tasks, she noticed Tojin ran off again, but this time did not return. She looked everywhere for him, only turning up piece of parchment paper. The ransom note stated she would never find her child and contained demon script, the words of infernal. 

The night of the kidnapping, the local children were roaming the slums as they usually did. They stumbled upon a  part of town that the locals warned to never go. Tojin, being a curious, yet mischievous boy, explored it deeper despite his peers warning him not to.

While moving around the area, he came across a couple of local Tieflings , Elves, and Dwarfs fighting off an unknown group. Bodies splayed the scene of the defeated in the clash.

 He decided he’d seen enough and tried to turn to run. One of the Tieflings caught wind of  his presence and charged at him. Instinct told him to defend, causing Tojin to throw what looked like a dagger, impaling the Tiefling in the eye.

Tojin ran, not looking back. Before he could make it beyond the gate to freedom, he was struck by something hard. His vision went black.

When he came to, he was on a military base with races of all walks of life. While he was there, he trained with the others, preparing for a war he didn’t sign up for. During his years in the war, he’d have black out periods then wake up not knowing what happened. On occasion he could hear a voice in his head, promising to protect him, promising he would survive.


Tojin’s Arch theme

Dogs of War – Pink Flyod