Age : 27

Race : Tiefling 

Religion: None

Family: Sola (adoptive mother) Luna (familiar) 

Relations: None

Bonds with other Party Members –

Vanastrae – Is doing her best, has come a long way, just wants to settle down

Ember – Respects how she got her powers back, wishes she were less rash

Honone – Hot Babe

Linvala – Odd, not in a bad way. Puzzling but chill stoner buddy

Keshak – Not thrilled with him, is he a stalker?

Tojin – We’re cool, buddies <3 

Charlie – Weary of

Xerxes – Dinos are awesome!


Character Quote “What makes you think I killed him?”

Orphaned as an infant, Vanastrae was adopted by a hermit earth sorceress who ended up being over controlling. She did not trust anyone except Vanastrae. Due to this Vanastrae left home at 17 to the dismay of her guardian, which in turn would never allow her to return.

Vanastrae rescued Luna, her companion, shortly after. She traveled as a nomad for the past 27 years, learning things here and there in order to get by. This led her to the Midnight Carnival where she met her current party.


Vanastrae’s Arch theme

House of Memories – Panic! at the Disco