Linvala of Dragons

Linvala of the Dragons

Age : 27

Race : Dark Elf/Drow

Religion: Karma flow 

Family: Charlie (guardian) Lily (Mother) Krum (Father) 

Relations: Odette – dark elf, past lover, Krum didn’t approve of relationship so he arranged her death.

Bonds with other Party Members –

Linvala – Determined in trying to get better, wants to bring good to the world. Understands she can be a handful but strives to be better.

Charlie – Linvala feels like he is a brother to her, given the chance she would trade places with her companion. 

Honone – Crazy, but amusing to work with

Ember – Looks up to her like an older sister but doesn’t like to show it.

Vanastrea – Someone to be protected, feels motherly towards them. 

Keshak – friendly with him, uses their arrows as a competition in a way to get better. 

Tojin – Brother from another mother, proud to see his progress. 


Character Quote “I didn’t mean to poison my bird….”

The tale of the dark left, Linvala, is a long winding road. This tale takes you though an eerie forest after her birth. Her parents were clan leaders, the name of the clan lost. She was raised as a male to hide the leaders had no heir. She was raised to be a Dragon Slayer.

For thousands of years the dark elves of the clan were taught to kill the dragons as they were the enemies to the elves. The hate deep rooted and warranted the leaders to purge their clan of all dragons, including dragon hybrids born from their own.

Linvala had different beliefs. She resented her father. She bitterly went through the training with her faithful companion, Charlie, a hawk she came across. Charlie did his best to protect her from her father’s suspicion of her efforts to save the dragons.  

Lullaby of the Sky

by Feliciano96 | Black Lily

Linvala’s Arch Theme

Castle in the Sky – Cascada